The Permaculture Goat Shed

What started off as an introduction to building a basic shed for housing goats turns into a lesson in cycling nutrients and understanding Permaculture.
When Ecofilms asked Elisabeth Fekonia to show us her goat milking shed we wondered what those two covered bathtubs in the corner of the shed were doing there? What we got was a lesson in Permaculture nutrient cycling and simple effective design that just works without costing you a lot of money.

Elisabeth and her husband Frank have built their shed all from recycled materials found at the local rubbish tip. If you were ever wondering what to do with that old sofa you were trying to get rid of – why not recycle it into a stand for milking goats? Thats what Elisabeth did. And while you are at the tip, bring back a couple of bathtubs too. They are brilliant at being turned into an effective worm farm. Elisabeth explains her process of living the good sustainable life with everything she needs being close to hand in this video clip.