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Edible School Gardens DVD

This information rich DVD is sure to inspire even the brownest principal’s thumbs and the most cautious of tutors to improve their teaching facilities by allowing their students to design, install and grow their own productive garden. – Jerry Colbey-Williams, ABC Gardening Australia TV presenter

Now Shipping Author and Educator Leonie Shanahan has built dozens of edible school gardens over the years and has been a positive influence on children and their new healthy eating habits. Leonie’s years of study in the fields of Horticulture, Permaculture and Organic Gardening is translated into a passion for the health of our children and the need to make a difference by creating organic edible gardens full of health and abundance in every school and every backyard.

Leonie now shares her secrets in empowering school children to design and build their own organic edible school gardens. Whether you’re a teacher, experienced gardener or just starting out wanting to get your kids interested in eating healthy fresh vegetables this DVD is jam-packed with useful information. Leonie shows you what you must do to create a thriving living system and have fun along the way. Learn More
Edible School Gardens DVD
PAL 80 mins

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Home Cheesemaking And All Things Dairy DVD

Permaculture teacher Elisabeth Fekonia lives on six acres with her two cows and numerous goats and has been teaching her popular cheese-making course for over fifteen years.
Learn how to make your own Cheddar Cheese or soft Brie from goat milk. Plus Kefir, Cottage Cheese, Sour cream, Yogurt and more. Its all here from learning how to milk a cow or goat to animal health tips and good nutrition. Learn More
Elizabeth Fekonia’s Home Cheesemaking And All Things Dairy DVD
PAL 90 mins

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Murray Hallam’s DIY Aquaponics DVD

DIY Aquaponics DVD

Finally a DVD that explains how to build an aquaponics system from recyclable IBC tote tanks! Murray Hallam shows you how to build a three grow bed, plus fish tank system based on his new CHOP2 method. There’s never been a better time to build an aquaponics system as taught by one of the world’s best teachers. As a bonus we include “Aquaponics: The First 12 Months” where Murray installs a kit system and watches it develop over 12 months! Also includes PDF parts list and plans file written by Murray Hallam Learn More

Murray Hallam’s DIY Aquaponics DVD
NTSC 120 mins

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Murray Hallam’s Aquaponics Secrets DVD

The companion DVD to the highly successful “Aquaponics Made Easy” DVD now takes you to the next level of your Aquaponics journey. Join Murray Hallam as he shares years of knowledge to assist you in maintaining a healthy balanced Aquaponics system. If you know the basics of aquaponics then this DVD will take you to the next step. Lots of tips from grow bed optimization, anaerobic secrets, using worms, fish stress, salt baths, particulate swirl filters. From flood and drain, to CHOP Systems, to Floating Raft and Commercial Aquaponics systems. Learn More
Murray Hallam’s Aquaponics Secrets DVD
PAL 110 mins

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