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Here is some feedback from people that have watched our DVDs.

We don’t solicit feedback but every now and then we get passed on an email comment or a small note that makes us smile, especially when it seems watching our material has inspired someone into direct action.

Isn’t that the best kind of testimonial?

I have seen Geoff Lawton’s Food Forest DVD. As a Permaculture and food forest designer, I just wanted to see how Geoff organizes his food forests. Honestly I was blown away by the video. The first time I watched it I actually had a hard time going to sleep because I wanted to go out into my property and start planting like crazy. I just moved into a new house and am currently designing a food forest there.” -Erik Ohlsen founder “Food Forests across America”

Some weeks ago I received your delivery. Absolut fantastic information blows my mind so let me give you some inspirative words back as a kind of mind-gift:Book: “Ignited Minds”, Page136 (Abdul Kalam):…’When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary projekt, all your thoughts break their bounds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great, and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties, and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be…Permaculture is Inspiration and the world is going to be a Garden of Edon – no doupts!” yours sincerely Stephan Diel

Just finished watching the DVD…AMAZING INFO!!!!! Thanks Geoff! Life changing! Your DVD’s are SO important right now….my gratitude for them.”  User Comment via YouTube

…have just watched aquaponics secrets packed full of very very usefull and handy hints as our first system we set up is nearing the 12 month mark this dvd answered alot of the questions i was asking and more. thanks murray for 2 wonderful dvds cant wait for the next one, but will be watching secrets so many more times before all the info sticks thanks” – Michell

Murray Hallam the presenter of our Aquaponics DVDs

One complaint about the DVD……. it has an end. After an hour and a half of really enjoyable easy to watch informative viewing. guess i should have know there would be an end but i just wanted it to keep going. great work! when is the next one coming out? can i pre-order?” Byron from Brisbane

I was so excited to get and watch this DVD. I can not believe the amount of information and knowledge that is packed into this DVD. I just can hardly imagine anyone having the experience and expertise that Murray has and shares it so openly. Everything is explained in very simple to understand terms. Anyone can watch this DVD and walk away feeling like an expert in the aquaponics field. The quality and photography is excellent and the whole DVD is done very professionally. I also am astounded at the small price that is gotten for the huge amount of information. If you haven’t seen it, GET IT!” -Rfoside California

I watched the secrets dvd last night, really first class piece of work. You have done an excellent job and it flows along very well after the first dvd. Lots of very useful information and presented in an entertaining manner. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is into aquaponics at any level.” – Graham Aspley West

Just sat through the DVD for the first time. Absolutely brilliant. Great job on the production too great sound levels and visuals.Will have to watch it a few times for all the hints and tips to seep into this brain because there is heaps in it” John H via forum message

Dear Murray,I just finished watching your video on Aquaponics. It was really cool!The way you explained everything was really simple and upfront not to mention pretty funny.I’m studying Environmental science at uni we learn this stuff all day but I’ve never been shown how I can make my own aquaculture/aquaponics set up so this was awesome.I really enjoyed it.Pretty stoked to make my own aquaponics set up now! So cheers, James”

Murray Hallam in his greenhouse with a Jade Perch

I know how ya feel. I haven’t seen Aquaponics Secrets yet but the first one, Aquaponics Made Easy, I’ve watched five times. =) Really excited to see the new one.” – The Native from California

Hello Murray. Received DVD’s 08/0211. Aquaponics and Aquaponic Secrets.
Thanks very much for such an open and enlightening video. I would recommend that every person who is interested in Aquaponics not just as a hobby base but for those who are considering going into commercial production put these DVD’s on “Your must buy List”  – John USA

Hi guys, This is just a very quick confirmation and a thank you email to you for your very fast correspondence and detailed aquaponics DVDThanks ever so much for getting back to me so soon, I received my item this morning, it was great! 10 out of 10. Everything was really well thought out and explained in good detail.I hope to be setting up my own little aquaponics project in the next coming weeks. The DVD was well worth the money, thanks again and keep up the good work!” Michael Robinson

Murray Hallam sent us this very funny one:

It was really a great pleasure talking to you on phone. I did order your esteemed “MURRAY HALLAM’s AQUAPONICS – MADE EASY!” about a year ago. This was the day when I came to knew what Aquaponics is?
I’ve spent more than 1 year learning the literature and the basics of Aquaponics – this may be a short period of time. I’ve read lots of articles written by lots of people about Aquaponics. I’ve seen videos, articles, seminars organized by phD holders talking about Aquaponics – of course my stomach of learning Aquaponics is not full and it will never get full – I’ll go on learning…..
To tell the truth – I’ve never seen a person like Mr. Murray Hallam – who is so intelligent and who knows accurately, exactly, properly what he is talking about Aquaponics. His explanations are so simple and so enthusiastic that even a non-English speaking person could easily grab the techniques of Aquaponics. And the beauty of his videos is his expressions and his humor in all his explanations of Aquaponics. I’m not boasting – as I could gain nothing by boasting – but from the bottom of my heart – for me, Mr. Murray Hallam is the One & Only Professor of Aquaponics.
Dear Sir, maybe one day, you may have the time and the opportunity to visit Maldives – by then, please do not hesitate to call me, It will be a great pleasure for me to guide you for all your stay in Maldives.
– Mr Kaamineehiyaa. IMPEX Fisheries (Maldives) Pvt. Ltd


Geoff Lawton Permaculture Research Institute
“The systems that we create are as different as our fingerprints and our personalities…almost like the variation of our handwriting. You’ll be able to identify people in the future by their permaculture systems.”

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Filming the Permaculture Food Forest DVD