Aquaponics Design Course: Is it worth doing? Mar15


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Aquaponics Design Course: Is it worth doing?

By the time most people stumble onto a really good course, the show has moved on and access is closed. The Aquaponics Design Course, taught by Australian Aquaponics kit builder and teacher Murray Hallam is such a fine course.

Ecofilms shoots and edits Murray’s training videos and we’ve partnered with Murray to bring you the best 8-Week structured aquaponics course on the planet. We actually visit farms all over the world and get the nitty-gritty details and facts that most people are unaware of in successfully managing and implementing a profitable farm enterprise.

How profitable you may ask? Well, one farm we visited in South Korea (Manna CEA) was housed in over six large one-acre sized greenhouses. The fish tanks were above ground swimming pools! It was huge! The young partners studied Aquaponics doing one of  Murray’s training courses near Brisbane Australia, went back to South Korea, did a crowd-funder and leased a greenhouse and are now harvesting 200,000 greens per month, employing over 60 people and turning over US$1.2m per month! That’s just through their Online orders.

They are also not just producing edible greens and lettuce, but selling value-added products – sauces and relishes and even conducting research into the organic greens for the cosmetic industry. Yes, believe it or not, high quality organic produce from Aquaponics suggests some of the greens are suitable for skin care cosmetics.

So the course has visited many countries from the Middle-East, India, Hong-Kong, Hawaii to the USA.

Murray stresses that the course is for anyone, even a raw beginner wanting a small home system for their family needs. That’s where the course starts. The very basics in Week-1 are shown in a series of video lessons where students get to participate and ask questions from Murray on a weekly basis. Each week Murray has a Q and A session in a live webinar event. There are a weekly course handouts in pdf format as well as DIY project plans for those wishing to build their own system. Murray’s course caters for people wishing to expand and build a larger system for schools or those interested in setting up a community group to grow plants and fish.

Every detail is discussed and shared in weekly video format lessons that are lavishly illustrated in animation, with charts, plans, graphs and downloadable spreadsheets with facts, formulas and recommendations designed for Aquaponics success.

Each week the course expands on this knowledge and covers essential details in pH chemistry and fish health. The middle of the course advances to plant health. What supplements and additives do you need to add to your system to grow robust plants bursting with health?

The course is tailor made for those seeking to expand their system into commercial farming. Most of Murray’s students have done just that and this course visits those farms around the world in cold, hot and mild climates and gets feedback from real farmers with skin in the game, generously sharing their hard won knowledge.


Certification is also offered for those people who submit a design exercise plan for Murray to critique. Feedback from students who have done the course has been very well praised. A selection of the hundreds of testimonials can be found on Murray’s website here.


Shadi I. Syria 22 Feb 2018 – Thank you for your great efforts. You were my friend and my assistant in the years of siege. For three consecutive years, my family and i were trapped in our town in Syria and your videos were our only help in making our food and saving us from starvation. thanx again 🙂

Regina M., Toronto, Canada, 19 Feb 2018 – I would like to say thank you for this awesome program. The way in which you teach is easy to understand and very well done. I wanted to learn about aquaponics so that I can install a system at the boys and girls club I teach at. Well, just last week the children and I installed a small system in the classroom. We are now cycling the system!

Jason O., United States, 2 Feb 2018 –Thank you Murray for offering this course. I have enrolled in multiple courses and feel that this course is the best by far and most informative. thank you again for this opportunity, I look forward to taking this course again in the future.

Shailesh P., United States, 1 Feb 2018 – This course is absolutely perfect. It covers beginner to advance topics and puts together all the knowledge one needs in a single place. Murray is a great instructor and very personable. I enjoyed it tremendously and have recommended it to my friends.

Stuart D., Australia, 31 Jan 2018 – Murray is very inspiring. Worth while doing. Information packed.

Richard D., France, 17 Jan 2018 – I recommend Murray Hallam’s Aquaponics design course to everyone who would like to set up an aquaponics system, whether it’s for home only or commercial purpose. Murray has great experience in aquaponics, and shows it in his videos. He has countless systems that he started and where he makes experiments (the best would be the 4m-tall papaya tree) and you get to see them during the course. What is also important and impressive is the many interviews and visits of farmers and farms all around the world. It proves the sustainability of aquaponics and it is not just backyard experience. By the way, I love Murray’s sense of humor. It makes the course fun and not boring at all. So if you look for an aquaponics course, don’t hesitate and take Murray’s. You’ll be amazed at what you will learn, even if you think your English is not good enough or you don’t understand his Aussy accent: he has sub-titles for all videos!

Julie L., United Kingdom, 16 Jan 2018 – Murray Hallam has always been the go to guy for a practical down to earth approach and extensive knowledge about aquaponics. His straight forward teaching method is a joy and the lack of hype really appeals to me.

Petre J., Germany, 15 Jan 2018 – The Aquaponics Design System course is the best course I ever attended to in my entire life. This is the course where you really learn everything about plants and fishes working together one for each other in order to feed you and many others. Thank you Sir Murray!

Students from over 48 different countries have signup for the course which is announced every three months and is always fully booked out that week. The course is then closed to new admissions as that intake of students begin to spend the next 8-Weeks studying the course material and planning and building their own system under Murray’s helpful advice.

If you’re interested in becoming a student, look out for the next Online course which will be posted on the official Aquaponics Design Course website. Or check out the official Course Facebook page which is regularly updated with Aquaponics knowledge.