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Following on from the success of Murray Hallam’s first DVD “Aquaponics Made Easy” comes a new DVD called “Aquaponics Secrets” that is designed to fill in a lot more gaps in your Aquaponics knowledge. So what is so secret about this DVD and what hidden knowledge may it contain? We caught up with the producer of the DVD from Ecofilms, Frank Gapinski who says it’s all about building on the knowledge gained from the previous DVD made with Murray Hallam.


“We had a tremendous response from people who bought that DVD.” Said Frank, “Murray Hallam is an engaging and fascinating speaker and works well on camera. People really enjoy his friendly hands on approach and depth of Aquaponics knowledge.”

“We felt that the first DVD was good but it only touched on the basics. We wanted to go beyond the basics and show how emerging aquaponics systems only gets better with age and explain all the fiddly hard to understand stuff.” He said.

“We noticed that a lot of hobbyists and people were also looking to make the transition to commercial systems but were mystified by a lot of jargon and confused as to what system they should adapt and how all the bits and pieces fit together.”

“ We show a lot of Aquaponics processes from Particulate filters to Swirl filters and explain their usage and how you should use them in your system. Murray even shows you his secret method of growing seeds from scratch using fish water!” said Frank.

There are 24 chapters in this DVD that cover many aspects of Aquaponics.

“Murray Hallam cuts through a lot of jargon in his usual no nonsense approach and gets to the nitty gritty. What we sought to do was clarify a lot of the confusion with some good sensible advice.”

“We look at Commercial systems in depth. Floating Raft or DWC is covered as well as NFT Hydro conversions.”

“Take Auto-siphons for example.” He said ”A lot of people have problems enabling their siphons to run smoothly.”

“ They cut them up and drill extra holes in them when they are really fiddling with the wrong part.”

“Some people forget that water cannot travel uphill by gravity alone.”


The DVD covers a lot of mistakes beginners make and gives them a good understanding in solving common problems. We look at Salt bathing your fish and show a method that experienced people use to invigorate their fish and prevent illness from occurring.” Said Frank.

The DVD goes into a lot more depth in choosing the right pump for your system. Fish stress is covered and supplying adequate Aeration goes into more detail showing a huge aerator that Murray has installed in his system.

Even how to clean your system and prevent biofilm buildup is demonstrated.
The focus is on building and maintaining an active eco system that just keeps getting better with age. Young Systems are compared with older more mature systems and the results are compared. An example of this is Murray Hallam’s famous Pawpaw tree that has grown massively over the years and keeps bearing fruit season after season.

Murray generously explains the secrets of his success and how you can repeat it in your system. His enthusiasm is contagious. The DVD looks at how anaerobic zones could form in your gravel grow bed and show some fascinating animation and close up photography of worms, bacteria and insects in the system.

Eco Films have built a reputation as a quality DVD production house. Teaming up with Murray Hallam was a good choice as their Aquaponics Made Easy DVD is now taught in colleges in Australia and overseas. It seems this pattern is set to continue with the release of this latest DVD.

Murray Hallam’s Aquaponics Secrets DVD

  • PAL Format
  • Region Free
  • Over 90 minutes of quality information

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