Aquaponics: Chop2 Systems Take Off!

Photos from Aquaponics enthusiasts around the world, showing off their CHOP2 system all based on Murray Hallams innovative design.

IBC or Tote tanks are an economical way to get started

A year after Murray Hallam revealed the plans to build your own aquaponics system in his popular DIY Aquaponics DVD, the photos from aquaponics enthusiasts are now flooding in.

Built from easy to get tote tanks (IBC or International Bulk Containers) people all around the world have taken out the angle grinder and chalking gun and built their inexpensive systems based along Murray’s CHOP2 method. This easy to build method allows people to build their systems on irregular ground and control the flow of fish nutrients to any bed or fish tank for easy maintenance.

A look Murray’s popular forum reveals heaps of proud owners sharing photos of their new systems based on CHOP2.

The distinctive three grow bed system with sump and fish tank are springing up in backyards around the world. This simpler approach gives confidence to backyard tinkerers the ability to grow fish and plants together very productively.

Aquaponics has certainly taken off judging by the number of photos.

DIY Aquaponics DVD

Murray Hallam’s DIY Aquaponics DVD that teaches people how to build a CHOP2 system with pdf plans included.

Although most people have built their systems up off the ground on concrete blocks, its interesting to see a number of user innovations and aesthetic changes to Murray’s design. Some very sturdy timber framing and screening work allows the design to meet the needs of people wanting a more attractive look and to hide some of the rough edges to the tanks.

The additional features of strawberry towers and NFT channels to grow lettuce shows people experimenting off the standard plan and adding their own touches.

Its a great way to get started in Aquaponics.

You can read more about building your own aquaponics system and watch a short promotional video here or buy a copy of the DIY Aquaponics DVD from our store.