A Couple of Rough Types

It’s very rare to see Permaculture founder Bill Mollison on video these days and a frank interview with Geoff Lawton and Bill together is probably rarer still. Whilst we were at the Permaculture Convergence held in Cairns this year we stumbled upon Bill and Geoff having breakfast together. So amidst all the breakfasting diners and noisy background we recorded this frank discussion with both men about Permaculture, students, teaching and the future of Permaculture in a troubled world.

I wanted Bill Mollison to introduce Geoff Lawton for the Permaculture Soils DVD and in typical larrikin style Bill decided to turn the tables on us and pretend he didn’t know who Lawton was. Here’s what we ended up putting as an extras segment on the Soils DVD that gives you a good glimpse into the hearts of both men. The title will become self evident if you watch the video all the way to the end.


I noticed on another permaculture website called Permaculture Planet a poll asking people to vote for which day should be celebrated as International Permaculture day? One of the choices was Bill Mollison’s Birthday. I voted for that choice but I have no idea what actual day Bill Mollison was born on. He was born in 1928 in Tasmania and still going strong teaching Permaculture with Geoff Lawton around the globe as I write this blog. I believe they are currently teasing the students in Turkey. So here’s to Bill Mollison. Lets celebrate International Permaculture Day on his birthday – whatever that day is.