Permaculture Soils DVD Now Shipping

Permaculture Soils DVD

Geoff Lawton’s Permaculture Soils DVD is now shipping. A special thanks  go out  to all the people that pre-ordered this disk through and waited patiently for their DVD to arrive.
Your DVDs are now in the mail and will arrive very shortly.

We had a few issues with transport delays which were outside our control but supplies are now all fixed and flowing normally.

The DVD starts with a short introduction to modern industrial chemical fertilisers (NPK) and how monoculture has destroyed the bio-diversity of of many living soils.

Geoff seeks to redress this problem through adopting Permaculture management systems, showing you a number of techniques you can use to redress this in-balance.

With probably the most comprehensive instruction on compost creation, using animation and various manures and inoculums, Geoff spends the first 30 minutes explaining the composting process and shows you ways to reintroduce  rich bio-diverse organisms back into your soil that feed the plants and actively help build soil. Whether you want to favour tree plantations like food forest systems or green leafy vegetable crops, Geoff will show ways to create the right kind of compost.

Part 2 of the DVD focuses on building a Permaculture Kitchen garden  using small animal systems like worms, ducks and chickens to return nutrients back to the soil.

Part 3 takes us into broader pasture management techniques from using cattle and chickens together, cell grazing techniques and re-mineralization strategies for pasture management.

The DVD also explains ways to turbo charge larger main crop gardens using biological compost teas. Every step is explained in Geoff’s unique hands-on approach right in the field.


Whats on the DVD?

“It’s not the soil itself – it’s the soil life that is the most important element.” – Geoff Lawton

We’ve all seen environmental problems highlighted everyday on the media. Now comes the solution. From the man who said, “You can solve all the world’s problems in a garden” comes Geoff Lawton’s Permaculture Soils DVD. 137 minutes of Permaculture soil creation strategies that really work! Even if you have never built a garden or got your hands dirty before, you will learn the secrets of real soil creation – partnering with the life in the Soil! Geoff will take you through every step of the process and explain in detail how to do it yourself. From Compost creation to larger Kitchen Gardens and then to broad acre farming – this is the future of biological agriculture.

Subjects covered:

  • Biodiversity and Compost
  • Designing a Kitchen Garden
  • Worm Farms
  • Duck Ponds
  • Using Chickens in a Food Forest
  • Pasture Management
  • Cell Grazing
  • Fungi
  • Soil Re-mineralization Strategies
  • Compost Teas
  • Soil Tests you can do yourself
  • Ripping the Soil
  • How to build an Instant Garden

and many more Permaculture design techniques are revealed in this unique DVD.

Plus Bonus extras:

A Couple of Rough Types” – Permaculture cofounder Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton in a very revealing discussion.

Plus Permaculture Trailers

Permaculture Soils DVD

  • PAL Format
  • Region Free
  • Over 95 minutes of quality information

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