DIY Aquaponics DVD Now Shipping

DIY Aquaponics DVDJust ripped open the first box of Murray Hallam’s DIY Aquaponics DVD carton box and I just wanted to inform everyone who has pre-ordered their copy (and the response has been phenomenal) that your orders will now commence shipping over the next few days!

People in Australia will get their orders first followed by the US in the next few weeks or so. We’ve encoded this DVD in NTSC so it will play fine on your TV DVD players both here in Australia and the US.

Its become apparent to me that people really want to know how to do this AP stuff themselves and Murray of course delivers the goods in his typical no nonsense style.

We’ve gone through every tool you will need to do the job and every hose, pipe and fitting to make the assembly, so you are not left in the dark and also, we’ve tried to make it interesting for you to watch as well. You will not be disappointed with CHOP2. That’s for sure. The plant and the fish growth speak for themselves.

I can see an explosion in the sale of IBC systems right around the world. Don’t forget to stick the DVD into your computers when you finished watching on the TV to view and print out the pdf plans and parts list that Murray has also created on the DVD.

Happy AP