Bathtub Gardening

While filming with Tania Coppel about her story on compost toilets we spotted this ring of bathtubs all under wire netting.
They reminded me of a ring of wagon trains circling round like in a cowboy Western movie protected by a wire netting to stop the possums for eating the produce. The only “Indians” that were threatening this circle of bathtubs were the rain-forest timber trees whose invading deep roots were robbing the vegetable garden of nutrients.

Bathtub Gardening

As this short video clip explains, moving the garden into bathtubs was a smart move especially if you also run a worm farm to generate the compost for the system. Just like following the steps in our bathtub worm farm post – this is the result you get if you let nature do a little of the work for you.

And if you suddenly get the urge to get really creative with bathtubs – how about running trout in a bathtub aquaponics system?

And you thought taking a bath was all a bathtub was good for?