Where The Best Eggs are Made


Tony Coote believes his chickens lay the best eggs on the planet and he’s got the proof to prove it. The eggs from his 12,000 chicken farm located at Mulloon Creek Natural Farms near Canberra were independently analysed by the Government CSIRO laboratories and found to contain twice the amount of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that are found in conventional chicken farm eggs. Tony’s chickens get the 5 Star treatment as this short video clip reveals. Each group of 1,000 chickens are given approximately 20 acres of free-range farmland to graze over and are housed in movable sheds that also help to fertilise the farm with their droppings . They are also protected by Maremma Sheepdogs who patrol the boundaries day and night hunting any hungry fox on the prowl.
Tony believes that his reason his eggs attract a premium price is because consumers want certified organically fresh eggs that are also good for you. If sales are anything to go by, he currently cannot keep up with demand and wants other egg farmers to follow his lead.

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