Should you Do an Aquaponics Design Course? Mar08


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Should you Do an Aquaponics Design Course?

One of the great things about running an Aquaponics system is how robust and healthy your plants should look. Yet, we’ve seen a number of systems where the plants looks stunted and wilted with that characteristic mottled mineral deficient appearance on the leaves that reveals the plant is actually NOT healthy and is in fact struggling to survive. You’d be amazed how many people do not notice that their plants are in poor condition.

Poor Nutrient Deficient plants

This is where a good aquaponics design course will come in handy especially if you wish to grow nutrient rich healthy plants for yourself or to sell to others.

Our Aquaponics Design Course will help you identify problems before they occur. We’ve had a number of people who have created their own system tell us how much knowledge they’ve gained from participating in our course and how it has improved their skill levels in becoming proficient farmers.

We cover the very basics from beginning to end and give you all the tools to build a small home system, a larger system with IBC tote tanks or a small farm family system that you can build – right up to giving you the confidence to construct a commercial farm.

Build the System that’s right for you

These commercial systems were all built by students of Murray Hallam so you can be sure the knowledge presented is extremely accurate. We also cover over 5 different aquaponic farms around the world in different climate zones, so you can be confident you are getting a solid education based on different parameters and different fish stocks. Knowing how successful farms do it, will help you calibrate your own system to suit.

This is our fifth course which starts this Sunday 11th March 2018.

The course is an event. We take you through weekly videos presented by Murray Hallam. You need to devote about three hours a week of your time to view each week’s group of lessons. Most lessons are around 8 to 10 minutes in duration. The longest is 20 minutes. They can be viewed on your cell phone, ipad or computer and usually explain a key concept that you need to understand. All the lessons are subtitled in English so you won’t miss a thing in instruction. Lessons are organised over eight weeks and towards the end of the course you can gain a Certificate in Aquaponics if you successfully submit a design for assessment.
So look out for it.
The Course opens at 9 am (AEST time) Sunday 11th March only at and will end early or as soon as the course is fully subscribed.

Download The Course PDF

The course pdf has all the information you require, price, curriculum details and student information.

When you go to the website, you will see a count-down leader on the website leading up to the date of launch. On that day, the page will change to an enrolment form which will enable you to sign-up. Access to the course is immediate and you can start watching the first week’s lessons straight away.
We welcome you as a student and wish you a terrific journey on your aquaponics adventure!

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