Our Chickens Dine on 4 Star Restaurant Food!

Ever wonder what happens to all the portions of uneaten gourmet restaurant food? Chances are it ends up in landfill somewhere.

Bistro C Restaurant

But a new Noosa resort restaurant is changing all that. Bistro C upmarket food waste is being delivered to worm farms and chicken coops located nearby.

The restaurant is located in Noosa’s prime real estate tourist hot spot along Hastings Street. Tourists come and dine – but they leave a lot of waste behind.

The chef wanted to do something about that problem so he put a call out to the local Permaculture community.

Permaculture school gardens teacher Leonie Shanahan stepped in an organised a waste roster. She knew the restaurant had a surplus of food that could be turned into something useful for the garden.

Food Waste Delivered

She had a bathtub compost system already in place that needed food waste to process.

She organized a roster of people to rid the bistro of its weekly waste. The problem was that she was getting far more food waste than she could process through her worm farms.

Here’s where our chickens at Ecofilms step in. Getting a variety of food for the chickens can be difficult. Although they will eat grain – our chickens much prefer eating greens.

But there’s never enough for their daily needs. A crate of gourmet food from Bistro C is like a huge basket of goodies for the birds.

Gourmet diners

They feast on scraps of parsley, bread rolls, asparagus tips and all the expensive uneaten portions that are left behind. If you’re wondering what they dine on – check out the menu. No wonder they give the grain a miss!

Leonie provides us with food for the chickens on a regular basis. Usually there are two heavy milk crates of food she’s picked up outside our chicken coop every week. She gets a dozen eggs for her troubles as small compensation.

Everyone wins. A great solution to a common problem.

Anything that’s left behind by the chickens goes into the compost bins and is reprocessed by the worm farm. Because the spoiled food is mixed with chicken manure – the composting process is sped up dramatically.

If you keep chickens – its worth speaking to your local restaurant about how they dispose of their food waste. Your chickens could well be dining on 4 star food too!