Joel Salatin in Australia

Joel Salatin

ABC Radio has an interesting interview with self styled “lunatic farmer” Joel Salatin who happens to also be in Australia courtesy of REGEN Agriculture talking about free-range farming in USA.

Joel says food has become over-regulated by US food safety bureaucrats who are destroying local production through unnecessary over-regulation.

Joel is a free range beef, pork and poultry producer from Virginia and is on a busy speaking tour of Australia, including a series of two-day workshops for farmers
Over the next ten days, he will be in Bendigo and Woodend in Victoria, Brisbane and Cairns in Qld, and Mudgee in NSW.

If you listen carefully to the radio interview and click on the link here, you’ll notice Joel advocates creating a mixed compost blend from a variety of animal manures to create a potent mix of super charged bacteria as outlined in Geoff Lawton’s Permaculture Soils DVD.

Even the method of grazing cows with chickens following behind in mobile caged tractors is explained by Geoff Lawton. Its nice to see all these similar threads intertwining whether you like to call it Permaculture or Organic Gardening or as Joel likes to describe his farming method, Beyond Organic.

Joel’s Farm: