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The most popular Aquaponics video clip on YouTube is “Aquaponics Made Easy” with the biggest number of views – and for good reason. It features Murray Hallam who is one of Australia’s premium sellers of Aquaponics Kits sharing years of knowledge and its has been Ecofilm’s most successful title, having gone through a number of editions. Murray’s humorous, informed and conversational style was a great hit with audiences around the world and his fan mail from enthusiastic viewers needs to be seen to be believed! Since we made that DVD and having seen the quality of his systems and growth of produce convince us to give Aquaponics a try. So next to our office where we edit our videos sits a Murray Hallam Maximus system and yes it has 60 Jade Perch in it all doing very well. We’ve grown heaps of vegetables over the last two years so we can vouch to how well Aquaponics really works.

Aquaponics Made Easy is the perfect video for beginners to learn how the system works. We even show Murry putting a kit together so you can do the same.

Grow fish and vegetables together in your own backyard the easy way. Whether you want to build your own system from bath tubs or assemble a ready-made kit, Murray Hallam will guide you through every step, so you can enjoy fresh fish and organic vegetables at your place.

Everything you need to know to get started in your Aquaponics adventure is packed into this educational DVD.


 Whats on the DVD?

Over 90 minutes of quality information:

    • ¬†Assembling a kit system
    • Grow Beds, Tanks, Gravel Media explained
    • Flood and Drain, Auto Siphons
    • Fish Aeration, pumps, filtration, backup systems
    • Growing plants successfully
    • The Nitrogen Cycle, Fishless Cycling
    • Testing your Water
    • Maintaining a balanced system
    • Choosing suitable fish for Aquaponics
    • Batching your fish for endless food
    • Dealing with pests
    • Feeding your fish – Growing your own fish food
    • Building your own Bathtub Aquaponics system
    • Solar powered systems

This is the best selling DVD that people around the world love and refer to in their DVD library. People often ask “Which DVD should we buy?”

If you’re new to Aquaponics then this is the one to learn from.


Aquaponics Made Easy DVDMurray Hallam’s Aquaponics Made Easy DVD

  • PAL Format
  • Region Free
  • Over 90 minutes of quality information

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