Two Aquaponics DVDs to be Released


Aquaponics Secrets Coming Soon

Murray Hallam’s new DVD Aquaponics Secrets will be release later in March this year.
We’ve tried to keep it to a manageable length and give people a generous dollop of Marray’s fast paced no nonsense brand of Aquaponics knowledge.
We were looking at a 90 minute DVD but it as swelled to about 145 minutes of quality information. We have made every effort to never repeat in this DVD any information that was already covered in the Aquaponics Made Easy DVD.
So if you know the basics of how to setup a system, get it cycled and the fish introduced then this next DVD “Aquaonics Secrets” is for you.

How to describe it?

Its like the advanced course in Aquaponics 102.
Built on a vast knowledge of proven information Murray takes us on a journey into the heart of your Eco System. A lot of it is cutting edge stuff, like growing fruit trees in an aquaponics system. New knowledge on the value of earthworms in your system. Where is the cut off line for Aquaponics? How far can it go? The new frontier is expanding every day as all sorts of innovations and common complaints are investigated. For example Murray takes you into the world of the autosiphon. A common complaint by many people who struggle to keep their siphon flowing properly. Murray will explain the basics of aeration and plumbing so that it all makes good practical sense that you can apply without fuss. We’ve been quite excited by this DVD and believe it to be far better in depth and scope than Murray’s very popular Aquaponics Made Easy DVD. We’ll release some previews from it soon.
Aquaponics: The First 12 Months

We were hoping to include in this same Secrets DVD the evolution of a system from Day 1 and follow its progress over the course of 12 months.
Because of its length, we are planning to release this as a separate DVD called “Aquaponics: The first 12 months
The DVD is a tremendous guide for anyone wanting to see a system grow and mature over the course of a year and follow its progress.

Murray has had a lot of requests from people with few handyman skills to show them a step by step method to building their own system.
We have found that simply explaining the basics isn’t enough.
People want a physical plan telling them what sort of plumbing, what size fittings they will need to purchase to build their own system.
So as a bonus we are planning to include in the Aquaponics the First 12 months DVD such a detailed step by step guide to building a cheap aquaponics system from materials that can be found or bought anywhere in the world.

Look out for more information revealed here soon.