Raising Healthy Goats with Mugwort

Whilst filming at Elisabeth Fekonia’s farm we noticed long hedgerows of Mugwort grown along the perimeter of her property.
Mugwort is well known in Medieval times as regulating the menstrual cycle in women. Men used it to flavour their beer as an alternative to Hops. It was widely used as a poultice claiming to heal or sorts of things.
But a lesser known feature of this woody plant is it’s health benefits to goats. When EcoFilms came to her property to film her Cheese-making course she mentioned to us the health properties of this famous herb as especially suited to be used as a de-wormer of Goats. Elisabeth does not use any commercially made drugs or medicines on her livestock and she says her goats are always healthy due to this plant’s amazing health benefits.

Getting goats to nibble on Mugwort is not easy. Elisabeth says it took her cattle and goats about a year of grazing before they attempted to nibble on this plant. Now they readily eat this plant when they feel the urge to expel parasites from their system. She says the older goats usually lead by example and teach the younger goats what plant to eat.