Gardening with a Moon Phase Calculator

Red Moon

Red Full Moon

A while back on the Aquaponics forum someone mentioned that they only sow their seeds according to the phases of the moon! Planting at the wrong time of the moon’s cycle would result in plants “bolting” or growing straight out to seed.

The theory was that the moon could have an influence on the way seeds germinate and allow the sap to rise and fall. Some periods are good for root crops and some for fast germinating plants like Alfalfa and Mung Sprouts. We looked around for a simple calculator but couldn’t find one on the internet – so we made our own based on an old farmer’s almanac.

To make it easy for you – we’ve included a moon phase calculator that should work properly for the Southern Hemisphere. If you are reading this in the Northern Hemisphere – probably best to double check your moon phase elsewhere to make sure the moon is properly calibrated!

All you need to do is click on the animation in the chart below and select the moon image that closely matches the moon outside your window right now! If you’re in doubt – go outside and see if you can find the moon. It should look like one of the images below.

Click on the moon image and a simple description will advise you whether its safe to plant seedlings or not. You can also use the chart to tell you if you should go fishing! I should have checked this graphic out ages ago – as it would have saved me coming back empty handed! But in Aquaponics – you are never really empty handed. Your fish are only as far away as your fish tank.


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We haven’t tested this theory so can’t vouch if it works or not. Give it a try. Plenty of people say it does work. Let us know if you think it works or if you have tried this method and are convinced it all a load of crap? We don’t mind. Have you tried sowing seeds according to the phases of the moon? It should work for aquaponics or conventional vegetable gardens.

Does it work? Let us know.