Building an Aquaponics system with IBC’s

Aquaponics enthusiasts interested in building a CHOP2 system using recycled IBC tanks will be in for a treat when Murray Hallam releases his third DVD called “Aquaponics: The First 12 Months.” Discussing the process with Murray we realized that many people wanted some clear cut instructions on how to build a working aquaponics system from cheap and easy to find recyclable containers.

Getting into aquaponics can be a fun experience and many people that like to build their own systems. But getting a clear cut instructions on designing the ideal aquaponics system can be a daunting process as people struggle to find the right information they need to give them the confidence they require to get started. Many people start reading aquaponic forums and watching you-tube videos to give them a clue on the design process.

Yesterday we filmed Murray and his assistant Lee build a CHOP2 system from scratch using three IBC containers. An IBC or International Bulk Container is used by industry to transport 1,000 litre liquids in bulk. Sourcing an IBC is a relative simple matter. Ebay has them available here in Australia quite regularly. You can also check with some of the larger transport companies to see if they have them available in your country. Make sure you buy a container that is labeled food grade.

CHOP2 is a method of using a sump with a submersible pump to distribute fish water through either the vegetable grow beds and or back through the fish tank. Fish solids collect in the sump for easy access and cleaning.

“Aquaponics: The First 12 Months” will focus on a new aquaponics system as it is built from scratch and it’s progress is monitored over the period of 12 months. Intercut through the story will be Murray explaining how you can build your own system using Murray’s own CHOP2 method using three IBC’s. Murray will explain what tools you will need to extract the container from it’s cage and where you should cut the troughs and how to hook up the whole system for optimal success.

There is a lot of instruction on this DVD and as a bonus, Murray is planning to include a pdf document on the DVD so you can print out your parts list and follow along the construction of a new CHOP2 system. Built by one of the masters of Aquaponics himself.

If you are new to aquaponics or researching information on how to build your own system cheaply – then this is the DVD for you.

Check back for a release date to be published shortly.