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Wholesale Pricing

All prices on this website now reflect your wholesale discount rate. All prices include GST. Paypal fees and standard shipping by Australia Post to your address in Australia only.

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  • Aquaponics Made Easy DVD

Aquaponics Made Easy DVD


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  • Aquaponics Secrets DVD



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  • DIY Aquaponics DVD


DIY Aquaponics DVD


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How are these fees calculated?

Each DVD is $15 wholesale plus 10% GST included ($16.50) Paypal fees are 2.4% plus 30c per transaction. Which works out at $39.60 plus 30c paypal fee for a box of 100 DVDs. Postage and handling fees are calculated at 16c per DVD. A box of 100 DVDs cost $16 shipping via Australia Post.  *please note that Free Shipping will automatically be calculated on Checkout for orders greater than x 6 DVDs.

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[sws_green_box box_size=”630″] Permaculture [/sws_green_box]


  • Urban Permaculture DVD

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  • Permaculture Soils DVD

 [add_to_cart item=”WP04″ quantity=”user:1″ ]





  • Introduction to Permaculture DVD

Intro to Permaculture Design DVD [add_to_cart item=”WP03″ quantity=”user:1″ ]





  • Establishing a Food Forest DVD

 [add_to_cart item=”WP02″ quantity=”user:1″ ]





  • Harvesting Water DVD

Harvsting Water

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Home Cheese-making and all things Dairy DVD


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