Permaculture DVDs on IMDB? Are we going mainstream?

IMDB Permaculture DVDs

A couple of months ago we got an email from Todd Moody who wrote to us, “Earlier this year I began an endeavour to submit all released permaculture documentaries to (the Internet Movie Database). I later expanded that effort to include documentaries about other topics related to sustainable living, social issues, and ecological awareness. To date, I’ve successfully registered dozens of documentary films.”

But every Permaculure DVD submitted by Todd got rejected from the submission process. It seems the problem wasn’t that IMDB staff hated Permaculture or Geoff Lawton but a technical mixup with the name of the production company producing the films resulted in the application being rejected. Now getting ourselves listed on the IMDB wasn’t a major consideration for us at Ecofilms as we’ve always considered our work outside the mainstream media anyway. But was this in fact a mistake to think this way?

Todd had proved to be the catalyst for us to investigate the matter further. So a few weeks later we are now recognized by the IMDB as being “official” and all of our films are now listed or in the process of being listed on their site.

So where do you come into the picture?

Well if you have viewed any or all of the Permaculture DVD titles with Geoff Lawton, consider logging onto the IMDB site and rating the films (honestly) and help by writing a short or lengthy review. You’ll need to first register with IMDB before you can either cast a vote or leave a comment.

Please keep your criticism objective and explain where we got it right and where we failed to address your concerns. Lets get Permaculture out of the fringe and into the mainstream spotlight and start competing against popular Hollywood Blockbusters!

Links to our Permaculture DVDs on IMDB

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