Kitchen Garden Powered by Duck Water: Animation

Here’s a really clever Permaculture idea. So simple, yet so effective. Right next to Geoff Lawton’s kitchen garden is a duck pen with a recycled Spa that the ducks love to use. Ducks will splash happily away in any pond and poop and muddy the water. This duck water is high in nutrient and is usually thrown away. Rather than throw the water out, Geoff connected the spa to a tap in the kitchen garden to drain off any nutrients. Hooking up a garden hose or watering can and you have a terrific nutrients and additives that the ducks produce to give your vegetables a boost.

Direct fertilizer. What a simple but effective idea.

As Geoff explains to us whilst we were filming him in the duck pen, “We have manured mulch and manured water that we take to the Kitchen Garden. We have happy ducks and we have a very large population of worms that the ducks are very happy about!”

“The ducks are creating all kinds of additives that are beneficial to soil organisms. We as permaculture designers just have to put it into a good pattern relationship that’s easy for us to use. Thats what Permaculture is about. Getting beneficial elements patterned so we get a very, very easy to work energy efficient relationship.”

“And we get the benefit of the product.”

Geoff Lawton using duck water on his kitchen garden

The kitchen garden looked magnificent as Geoff demonstrated the process. In the Food Forest DVD we looked briefly at this kitchen garden but we never really explained how it was made or how easy it was to make one. In the forthcoming Permaculture Soils DVD Geoff will demonstrate how to build your own kitchen garden based on sound Permaculture principles.
It has so many great tips on good Permaculture Design that is very soil related. The segment on turbo charging your compost heap is one of the best demonstrations we’ve ever seen. Definitely worth seeing when this DVD comes out!