How Not to Milk a Cow

Elisabeth Fekonia explaining the finer points of cow milking

A year ago we filmed with Elisabeth Fekonia a fantastic little DVD on Home Cheesemaking and All things Dairy.

What we didn’t show you on the DVD – is what happens when best intentions don’t necessarily go according to plan. Elisabeth was instructing the camera how to milk a cow. She went into quite elaborate detail on how to curl the fingers, draw the first milk out from the cow teats and was explaining the finer points of udder control when the cow decided she had had enough.

We’ve hidden the footage in our vaults. Lets face it – its a bit embarrassing to be teaching a technique and then see it fail dismally or at least put it up on YouTube for the world to see.

Recently when talking with Elisabeth we decided it was time to share this wonderful moment with all the world. Not sure if it will go viral out there but it deserves its place in our collection of funny Permaculture moments captured on film.

There are two things you learn about working with animals. Never stand directly behind a horse when filming. Never stand to the side of a cow when milking!

Both animals kick in slightly different directions.

Thanks again to Elisabeth for agreeing to share this golden moment.