Establishing a Food Forest DVD


Geoff Lawton in a Permaculture Food Forest he created

Join Geoff Lawton on a Permaculture adventure as he demonstrates how to grow a food forest from start to finish. Over 90 minutes of quality information to get you on the right track in creating your own garden of Eden.

We start with a 20 minute Permaculture Classroom as Geoff explains the patterns of a Food Forest and the essential principles of “time stacking” your garden with the right mix of support species that feed and protect your fledgling fruit trees into maturity. We then join Geoff in the field as he puts the theory into action, planting the seeds and watching the system grow.

We end up at Tagari Farm – established by Permaculture founding father, Bill Mollision – which was abandoned years ago, but planted according to Permaculture design principles. Would this Food Foest survive on its own? You’ll be surprised.

Elements covered in the DVD include:

    • Forest fundamentals
    • Legumes
    • Chop and Drop
    • Pests
    • Fungi
    • Using Chickens
    • Weeds
    • Nursery
    • Kitchen gardens
    • Swales
    • Hardwood
    • Mature systems and much more…

Bonus features include:

    • 30 Year Old Food Forest
    • 300 Year Old Food Forest
    • 2000 Year Old Food Forest


I have seen Geoff Lawton’s Food Forest DVD. As a Permaculture and food forest designer, I just wanted to see how Geoff organizes his food forests. Honestly I was blown away by the video. The first time I watched it I actually had a hard time going to sleep because I wanted to go out into my property and start planting like crazy. I just moved into a new house and am currently designing a food forest there.” -Erik Ohlsen founder “Food Forests across America”

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Establishing a Food Forest DVD

  • NTSC Format
  • Region Free
  • Over 90 minutes of quality information plus extras

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