Elisabeth Fekonia’s Home Cheesemaking DVD

We first came across Frank and Elisabeth Fekonia a few years back when we were making a video for the ABC on living the self-sufficient life-style. We made a very controversial video clip called Eating Guinea pigs which raised a lot of hackles with the YouTube audience who were outraged that someone could possible eat a childhood friend. Recently SBS TV interviewed the Fekonias on the same subject and featured them in an episode called Survivalist. Elisabeth and Frank live on 6 acres and live probably 90% off their own produce. They have a food forest, vegetable garden, chickens, a couple of cows and a number of goats and even the odd pig. Elisabeth has been teaching her very popular Cheese-making classes on a regular basis and apporached us to make a DVD on the subject.


In this video she makes a number of different goat and cow cheeses and shows you the basic steps you need to do to get the best results. In fact if you are interested in raising your own cows and goats, she even covers the basic things you need to know in getting the best out of your animal. Even if you’ve never milked a cow before, she’ll show you how to do that successfully. Visit Elisabeth’s website Here.