Editing Aquaponics Secrets


We’ve had a number of people asking what happened to the release of the Aquaponics Secrets DVD? Over the last 12 months we have been filming an Aquaponics kit system from start to finish. We wanted to show the tiny fingerlings grow to maturity over the course of a year.

The fish are still growing. We’re still filming them, but they are not quite plate size and not really ready for harvest at the moment. In fact we’ve grown quite fond of them and don’t want to see them end up on the barbecue plate!

We were tempted to substitute other fish and harvest them and film that – but that would have been cheating wouldn’t it? And not in the spirit of this DVD. So we’ve resisted doing that and are waiting for the fish to grow a little more and then finish the DVD as we complete the cycle.

The good news is that we’ve crammed this DVD with heaps and heaps of great tips that were not covered in the first Aquaponics Made Easy DVD.

That DVD was a great success and got a lot of interest and praise from around the world. We hope to build on that success and give you part two to that DVD by building on the knowledge base with Aquaponics Secrets.

The biggest problem for us is that we now have far too much information to squeeze into a 90 minute DVD. We don’t want to duplicate any information that was touched on in the first DVD. So together the two DVDs along with Murray Hallam’s expert advice and opinion will make a great reference guide for anyone wishing to try growing spectacular vegetables and fish in their backyard.

We hope to complete the DVD ready for a March 2010 launch at Aquaponics.net.au