Aquaponics on ABC-TV

Murray Hallam filming with Gardening Australia

Australia’s premiere gardening show, ABCTV Gardening Australia will feature Murray Hallam and his Aquaponics garden this Saturday 26th February at 6.30pm.

Veteran broadcaster Colin Campbell will interview Murray on the show getting him to explain the intricacies of growing vegetables in media such as hydroton or even 3/4 inch gravel. Something that continually fascinates gardeners used to growing food in soil.


Its sure to be a big hit as most Australian Aquaponics enthusiasts will tune in to watch the jovial, fast talking Murray take us through his amazing Aquaponics garden.

In fact when Aquaponics was first featured on the same show a few years back with Joel Malcolm, it started a revolution of backyard tinkerers looking through junkyards for the right tubs and troughs to make their own Aquaponic systems.

Now a few years later, the show comes back to see the transformation for backyard system to commercial kits.

Murray has now installed over 30 of his aquaponic systems into Australian schools. Increasingly small hydroponic growers, community groups and larger organizations are seeing the attraction of growing organic fresh food and fish within their own community.

The interest is building for Murray Hallam kit systems from overseas as well as Murray has orders from the US for his food production systems. If you order a system from Murray after the show airs – you may have to get on a waiting list as Murray admits he can’t keep up with demand.


Now if you are reading this outside Australia, don’t despair as the ABC usually broadcast the whole program online for free for a few weeks after the show has aired. Check out ABC Iview site the following day.
Make sure you tune in and see one of the world’s top aquaponics experts reveal some the secrets behind his success.

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